SHREYA POWER CONTROLS supply of Electrical, Electronic, Automation components, Industrial Products, Spares, etc. We associated with all major electrical companies and authorized Dealer also.

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  • Authorized supplier for SHAVISON Products like SMPS, Battery Charger, Relay interface module, Hooters, Analog, Digital Timers, Modbus I/O Module, DC to DC convertor, Diode-Resistor Module, etc


  • Authorized dealer FIBER OPTIC Items like Simplex, Duplex Patch cards, Simplex, Duplex Patch Cards, MPO Cassette, Adapters, PLC Splitters, Coupler, Data Media Converter, Network Switch, etc

Earth Mats

  • Authorized Supplier for Electrical Insulating or Earth Mats for 415Volts, 1.1kv, 11kv and 33kv Systems.


  • Authorized Dealer for Self-Adhesive like XLPE, EPDM, Neoprene type Gaskets in Sheet & Roles.
  • v Splitters, Coupler, Data Media Converter, Network Switch, etc


  • Authorized Supplier for CITEL Products – Surge Protection Overvoltage protection, Surge protective devices (SPD) or Transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS), etc.


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